Good vs. Bad Water

Summer is in full swing, and staying hydrated is extremely important to survive this heat and prevent dehydration! Just because we choose a case of water bottles over a case of soda, it doesn’t always mean we made the healthiest decision. We even have to weigh our options when it comes to choosing the best water!

We all know that tap water is filled with chemicals, but what most of us don’t know is that not all bottled water is actually any better than tap water. Most water bottles have BPA in their plastic, and the ones that are BPA-free might still contain BPS, which is not regulated and is just as dangerous as BPA. Not only can chemicals come in from the plastic, but also some bottled water is just tap water and have very high contaminant levels.

This article by Dr. Axe provides a lot of information on the chemicals in our water and what to look for when purchasing water bottles.

The image above shows the water bottles we recommend in our practice, preferably glass or hard plastic vs. flimsy, noisy plastic.

What About Gluten?

Many of us know that gluten often triggers intestinal problems, but what about ANXIETY, depression and high blood pressure?

This article explains how the chronic inflammation created from gluten sensitivity may be to blame.

There are many hidden sources of gluten. Gluten is not only in baked goods, breads and pasta, but can also be hiding in other sources, such as alcohol, processed meats and cheeses, ice cream, ketchup, baked beans, soups, protein bars, personal care products, make up and low-quality supplements. Read the article below to know more about how gluten can effect more than just your gut.

Meal Prepping on Busy Days

I know how challenging it can be to get our meals prepped on busy days! Today I prepared tonight’s dinner on my lunch break, using grass-fed beef and organic ingredients. Make sure to soak your organic fruits and veggies in ACV for 20 minutes and rinse before storing. This helps to minimize cross-contamination and they taste better and store longer.

Serve this delicious meatloaf with some organic greens, spirals of squash and an organic berry blend an hour later. Waiting to eat your fruit at least an hour after dinner prevents fermentation in the gut. (Remember no ketchup until Phase 2 of our program;) Contact me for the recipes! I love hearing from all of you❣❣

Easy Cleanse Recipe

Perfect day for a cleanse!

4oz raw coconut water
4oz pure filtered water
2tbsp each of ACV, pure lemon and pure aloe juice topped with a dash of organic cayenne.
Drink 1-2 x/day.

Try it!

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