Limbic Stress Assessment

Your body is talking to you. Are you listening?

Do you have reoccurring symptoms or reactions to environmental stresses you have trouble addressing? Limbic Stress Assessment (LSA) is a comprehensive bio-interactive system that determines your response to stress. Once your areas are identified, this program helps determine your body's particular needs - stress relieving, energy enhancing, cleansing, or nutritional - giving you answers to your unique health issues.

One hand is placed on a hand cradle, creating an electronic "conversation" between your skin (the largest organ) and the LSA computerized software program. This allows you to communicate both physical and emotional imbalances. In response, the LSA pinpoints the best approach to bring the body back into balance.

Who can benefit from the Limbic Stress Assessment?

Everyone! Whether you struggle with hormone imbalances, chronic illness, allergies, chronic fatigue, blood sugar problems, and/or digestive disorders,


You have less chronic problems such as lack of energy, headaches, poor sleep, aching joints, or reoccurring infections,


You want to see where you are currently stressed even though you are not experiencing any major health challenges (prevent disease before it happens!)

The LSA will quickly and non-invasively measure and analyze what your body needs to improve your health. The focus of an LSA session is to address your health needs by pinpointing your reactions to common stressful items and finding what you need to stimulate your own healing process.

Limbic Stress Assessment shows your:

• Reaction to foods: which food groups give you problems?
• Nutritional needs: which types of supplements really help support your health?
• Heavy metal or chemical sensitivities: are there lotions or preservatives that you react to?
• Possible hormonal imbalances and emotional stress.
• Stressed organ areas and which supplements will de-stress them.

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